Andrew Ingram

Curriculum Vitae

I am a web developer based in London, UK. My experience primarily lies with the use of Django (a Python web framework) as well as a wide-range of other tools.

My interest is being a full-stack developer; being involved in everything from the overall direction of a project, to design, user experience, and the actual implementation. I have extensive experience with Django (5 years), and am currently involved with some open-source projects based on it. I am also comfortable building complex interfaces in the front-end using modern JavaScript tools such as Knockout and Backbone.

I have a keen interest in graphic design, and I'm passionate about crafting great experiences for end-users. These influences all of my decisions as I work on a project, be they technical or aesthetic, and I'm always on the lookout for new ideas that can help better shape projects.

Open Source

Tools and Technologies

  • Back-end: Apache Solr, Celery, Django, Haystack, Python, South, Tastypie
  • Design & UX: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Pen + Paper
  • Front-end: backbone.js, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass + LESS
  • Server Configuration: Gunicorn, Nginx, uWSGI
  • Tools: Git, ssh

Employment History


Application Developer (January 2013 - Present)

Part of a medium-sized development team at an exciting startup, my focus has been on the customer-facing onefinestay website. A lot of my work has been building Backbone-based tools for allowing our staff to manage the website's content more easily.

There's a lot of other interesting things to mention, but they're yet to be made public so I can't reveal much just yet, stay tuned!

Tools and Technologies: backbone.js, Django, Git, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Sass + LESS, South, Tastypie

Tangent Labs

Developer (September 2011 - December 2012)

As part of a large development team, I have primarily been responsible for the development of new e-commerce projects using Tangent's open source framework, Oscar, as well as maintaining a number of legacy Django websites for our clients.

The biggest project was Tata Landmark, an e-commerce site with approximately 10 million products at launch (mostly books). I led the development of the search and navigation functionality for the site.

Most recently I designed and built an WYSIWYG email campaign editor, using a combination of CoffeeScript, jQuery and require.js. I also built an image asset library using Knockout.js and Backbone.js as part of the same overall project. These are currently in use by the Labour Party.

Tools and Technologies: Apache Solr, backbone.js, Celery, CoffeeScript, Django, Git, Haystack, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout JS, Nginx, Python, Sass + LESS, South, Tastypie


Lead Developer (September 2010 - March 2011)

The first full-time developer for a new sports-based startup company. Responsible for turning the original prototype into a fully functional website, taking care of everything from front-end design to server-side coding (Python/Django) and server administration.

The work required heavy use of Google Maps, which was tightly integrated into various parts of the user experience. I made use of Knockout.js, which communicated with a RESTful web service written with Django using Tastypie.

Tools and Technologies: Adobe Fireworks, Django, Git, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout JS, Mockingbird, Nginx, Python, South, Tastypie

Titan Entertainment Group

Web Developer (March 2007 - August 2010)

Part of a small team of developers responsible for developing and maintaining the company's websites, primarily focusing on the commercial website for Forbidden Planet. I led the development effort in migrating our older Java-based websites to Python and Django, as well as maintaing a smaller site based on Ruby on Rails.

I also investigated product recommendation algorithms based on K-Means Clustering with the aim of providing customer-specific product recommendations in the future.

Tools and Technologies: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Apache Solr, Celery, Django, Git, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Nginx, Python


  • MEng. Computer Science (2.1) - University of Warwick, 2002–2006
  • A-Levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (B), Physics (A)