Andrew Ingram

About Me

I like to create things. These days what I create normally takes the form of a website, but what drives me is the idea that somewhere out there what I've done has made somebody else's life just a little bit better.

I used to make custom maps for videogames, that was where I learned to love the interplay between aesthetics and functionality. A map needs to look aesthetically pleasing to get people playing it in the first place, but it's much harder to get people to play it a second time. For that you need to build something that plays well too. I think there's probably a lesson in here somewhere.

So, back to the present day and making websites. I like to dip into all aspects of a build, from UX and design to the actual implementation. Some know this as being a hybrid developer (or maybe devsigner, horrible word), which isn't particularly descriptive but I'm still waiting for a better term. The end result is that I find myself arguing just as passionately about information architecture, UI, typography and colour as I do about coding standards, algorithms, APIs and technical infrastructure. For me the user experience is something that permeates every layer of the stack, and I love all of it. All of it except for the context-switching at least, jumping between all the different layers in one day is hard.