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Gridmaker For Photoshop CS4

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After a suggestion from John Nack I had a go at porting GridMaker 2 to the new Flash Panel framework in CS4

Note: This article was written for a previous version of the site and is likely out-of-date.

A while ago John Nack contacted me to ask if I was interested in porting my GridMaker plugin to make use of the new Flash Panel capabilities of CS4. It's taken me some time to get around to doing it (despite it not actually taking that long) but I have it working now. I haven't implemented all the functionality i'd have liked (like loading/saving settings) and I had wanted to customise the Flex theme to make it look native to CS4 (I hate non-native UI, as a result I am very wary of any Flash-based user interfaces) but I kept putting it off. I figured I may as well release what I've got or risk forgetting about it completely.


Download GridMaker.jsx and GridMaker.swf and put them in 'Plug-ins/Panels' in the Adobe Photoshop CS4 folder. Load Photoshop and the panel should appear under 'Window/Extensions/GridMaker'. Once activate the panel will appear in your command panels on the right.

I've set the defaults to be equivalent (though not identical) to the 12 column layout found in, the only real differences are that the gutter isn't split in half and the outer margins are 20px rather than 10px.

It's also missing the unit-selection functionality from the second version of GridMaker.